I shot a video last week with Shropshire Artist Grace Currie, called Grace Currie’s Town Centre Takeover.

Grace Currie’s Town Centre Takeover

A contribution to the Great Big Art Exhibition, where artists all over the UK are filling their windows with artworks. Grace had made an advent window before Christmas and wanted to take it a step further. So she got in touch with Shropshire Council and got permission to use an empty storefront on a street called Shoplatch right in the centre of Shrewsbury.

The paintings are mostly portraits of friends and relatives painted from memory in Grace’s uniquely vibrant style. For those who don’t know Grace, she suffered a horrific car accident resulting in a year long hospitalisation and has fought her way back from that to a new life as an artist gaining a 1st Class Degree in Fine Art last year. It’s a remarkable story of courage and perseverance.

We had decided to base the video around a time-lapse of the window display being built and expanded that theme into the rest of the video, the robotic music and speeded up camera moves seemed to suit the vivacity of the subject and the primitivism of the artworks. Editing was done by Vivianne Howard, I provided the camerawork using a GoPro for the Time lapse, a Canon 5D mk IV for the stills and a DJI Osmo with iPhone 11 for the live action.

The whole video took less than a day to make, the time lapse being the most time consuming part! I set up at 10am, came back at lunchtime for the stills and live footage and Viv edited it the same afternoon.

Grace Currie’s Town Centre Takeover started life as an improvised snippet for social media. We were so taken with the end result that it’s become one of our favourite videos this year! If for some unknown reason, you’re interested in my video related adventures, have a look at the Architectural Video we made for a property developer recently. It’s completely different, but worth a look.