Just like anyone else I’ve been monitoring the best Black Friday photography deals, holding off on buying some new kit in case it turns up heavily discounted in a Black Friday Sale. Alas, I’ve been sorely disappointed, the LED Lenser H14.2 Head Torch has a 25% discount, but is out of stock. Humbug!

I have taken out a subscription to Picfair, the photographer’s e-commerce platform with a 50% discount and I’ve upgraded my version of Capture One, the processing software I use for studio work, saving over £100 in the process.

I’m in the market for a Pocket 2 Camera, but DJI have elected not to discount it at all, though there are deals to be had on the original Pocket.

So what about the companies whose products I use?

Here’s a good deal – Processing is discounted by Adobe this year – the full Creative Cloud package at 25% discount is a really good deal, worth around £120 a year.

Skylum Luminar Discount



Luminar are offering pre-release deals on Luminar AI. I’m impressed with what they’re doing with AI, but the software isn’t available yet, rumoured to be arriving on December 15th, This is definitely worth checking out, Luminar were first to the table with sky replacement and the tooling is very straightforward to use. I can’t say too much because I haven’t used Luminar AI yet, but the proposition seems to be to bring sophisticated capability into the hands of experts who want to save time and beginners who want to get results quickly. Luminar 4 delivers on this in spades and there is real potential in Luminar AI. The offer here lasts until November 30th.

The Best Black Friday Photography Deals

Saving the best till last…

It’s close, between Luminar and DxO. I use DxO software for my landscape photography so I paid full price (and was very happy with what I got). DxO create excellent software, the Nik Collection is legendary, chiefly for Silver Efex Pro, PhotoLab 4 is generally accepted as the best RAW processing software around and Viewpoint is wizardry of the first order. I’m a big fan.


DxO have a superb offer, up to 50% off all their software and it lasts until 30 November. This includes the legendary Nik Collection, Photolab 4 Elite edition, Filmpack and Viewpoint. Seriously, this represents excellent value. The photo at the top of the page was processed with DxO Photolab. Check out my review here.

In other news, watch out for my YouTube tutorials on DxO software – should be out before Christmas. We’ll be reviewing Luminar AI when it is released, no news on the exact date yet, but I’m interested in what they are doing over at Skylum, it could be a game changer..